Positive Attitude is Everything – Very Funny Attitude Video – Inspirational

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Attitude is Everything! Funny attitude video of babies at the office. Having a positive attitude is the key in life. Inspirational!



  1. Hey who ever is watching this video I hope you have a blessed day!

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  2. I guess black children in America do not grow up to be productive citizens…smh. I just have to smh at this alleged 1st world country and it's perception of people

  3. I don't really get it…to be that optimistic is a little too extreme. To look at all the things that happened to the guy(infant) in one day and to still smile to me shows a chemical imbalance…or an incredible high, js.

  4. Lol used to hate my job just like he did….I realize I'm the most happiest person in the world when I was fired….I party…I dance….I sing….I just remember how happy I was

  5. This is a very cute and fun ad.Β  I kind of wish all people could be like that.Β  It is worth comparing and viewing with some of the age regression videos.Β  (We all need to be simple, fun, and happy at times.)

  6. Hahahad! This gave me a good laugh. Something I went through. "A positive attitude is not just a thought process; it's a daily commitment. Get one!" 😁